May 02 2014

Summer Step Challenge!

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Xcel Performance will be visiting the Bloomington Farmer’s Market between 9:00 – 12:00 on 2 Saturdays each month. We will be passing out pedometers for people to wear. Sign up at our booth in the Info Alley by the food vendors, and you will have a chance to win prizes every week and every month! Simply pick up a pedometer, wear it as you walk around on ...

Mar 17 2014

5 Great Ways to Enjoy Warm Spring Weather

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Don’t have a membership to a gym but still want to shed off some calories? Well you’re in luck! The weather is starting to warm up and there are many activities you can do outside. Here are 5 great ways to enjoy the warm weather while burning off some calories. 1.) Take a 30 minute walk. Walking is a great exercise ...

Jan 07 2014

How to have a healthy body for running

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A popular trend in the past few years has been couch to 5k. Many “unfit” people have been successfully motivated to begin a fit lifestyle by lacing up their tennis shoes and hitting the road. I applaud these individuals for their enthusiasm and dedication. After the 5k many undertake racing a mini marathon, and for some, a full marathon or ...

Oct 22 2013

Prepare for Outdoor Winter Sports

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Bloomington has now experienced it’s first 30 degree day of 2013-2014 winter! Time to prepare for a change in your fitness routine. Many people are flocking indoors for workouts at the gym or dvd workouts at home. A whole other set of people are digging through the garage to pull out skis, snow boards, and hiking shoes. If you are ...

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