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Mar 12 2024

Food choices that stick

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Spring can be a hard time of year: anxiety pulling out the wardrobe from last year, thinking ahead to wearing a swimsuit when it gets warm, attending ball games and barbecues with all the tempting food choices. It’s the consistent small decisions that make the biggest difference. Instead of making large commitments to yourself to “not eat dessert” or not ...

Mar 06 2024

Better weekend choices

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On busy weekends, it’s tempting to go for some deep-fried convenience foods, but here’s why it’s important to consider healthier options. https://www.ideafit.com/nutrition/fried-food-increases-heart-disease-risk/ After reading some of the truths about convenience foods, you may feel slightly more motivated to find a different option. Here are some of my favorite suggestions for succeeding through the weekend:   Have a stash of “convenience ...

Feb 27 2024

Create a new you by altering your environment

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Yes, we are products of our environment. Our brains seek routine to make mental processing easier. Without knowing it, our minds are finding short cuts, building habits, and setting up routines based on our environment. This is incredibly useful if you are trying to lose weight this year. Just small changes in what and who is around you can seemingly ...

Jun 08 2021

Easy meal in a bowl

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Time to plan more meals for the week? Don’t fret about new ideas, because a bowl is a perfect anytime meal—sweet or savory, and they can be made for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Here are some great options.

Nov 25 2020

Stress Free Guide to the Holidays

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The holidays are supposed to be the most joyful time of year, but to most of us it’s laden with stress. Worries of family interactions, business of shopping and long lines, disappointments, food temptations, travel hiccups. Tackle this holiday season with a plan to command your reactions to the overwhelming stressors. Cardiovascular exercise will boost mood by elevating endorphin levels ...

Oct 17 2018

Work Out Buddies, Fit Classes, or Flying Solo?

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By: Xcel Performance As a fitness enthusiast, personal trainer, and fitness instructor I have had the pleasure to experience a morning of solitude in the weight room share in the new record for a friend and have helped shaped the course of many people’s fitness journeys. When you have all those experiences you start to see the benefits and complications ...

Sep 14 2018

Calories: When you should be eating more, and when to eat less

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By: Xcel Performance Unlike Game of Thrones where it seems you are born a giant monster of muscle like The Mountain (yes that’s his name) or petit as a princess, we can now control the factors that make up our body composition. From our physical activity, to what food we eat, or even chemical balances when looking at supplementation, but ...

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