Spring can be a hard time of year: anxiety pulling out the wardrobe from last year, thinking ahead to wearing a swimsuit when it gets warm, attending ball games and barbecues with all the tempting food choices.

It’s the consistent small decisions that make the biggest difference. Instead of making large commitments to yourself to “not eat dessert” or not eat any carbs for 1 month before the beach vacation, try setting smaller, maintainable goals. For example:

  1. Pick a protein every time you eat
  2. Only fill your plate once at a cookout instead of grazing or going back for seconds
  3. Consume 1 less alcoholic beverage whenever the occasion presents itself
  4. Add 10 min of activity to every day: a walk after dinner, a walk around the office building in the middle of the day, throwing a ball with the kids, 10:00 workout at home of squats, push-ups, wall sits and planks

Start small and build as you see the consistency remain. Mentally reward yourself for sticking with the small changes.