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Nutrition Coaching

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Just the mention of nutrition or “healthy eating” can send some individuals running in the opposite direction. Who has time to cook at home, or has the extra energy to resist eating tempting treats at the end of a long, stressful day?

You are not alone if you feel defeated when it comes to making a better choice. We know you are short on time, high on stress, exasperated by cravings, and feel inadequate to make the first step towards change. That’s where our team of coaches comes to your aid. We will help break down the big changes into little doable steps. You will see and feel your successes with every small change made to your daily routine. Let us break down barriers with you, and allow us to form a plan and a clear path toward your goals.

All of the changes we inspire our clients to make are lifelong.

We believe in investing in your health today, while you still have youth on your side. The plan we create for you will not only be doable, it will be maintainable. No crash diet. We do not believe in diets! Xcel Performance is about forming a new you, the best, most vibrant you possible.

As part of your initial personal training package, you will receive personalized nutrition coaching to get your results fast tracked during the first 6 weeks of your program with us. Ongoing coaching will be planned for each month afterward to keep you on the right path to your goals.