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4th Trimester

4th Trimester

Transforming the “mom belly”
Gain abdominal strength for you and your baby. Accomplish abdominal activation, stabilization, and strength.

If you have just had a baby or had one years ago…this is for you!

It is possible to diminish recti separation, “bring in” the mom belly pouch, and diminish back pain.

This is a 3 month series where you will learn to feel your core again, hold your posture, and be strong enough to move and exercise without incurring injury postpartum. Attend all 3 for complete retraining of the core.

First series


  1. Learn how to activate the transverse abdominals-the inner layer that holds your spine and posture
  2. Release and stretch the pecs (chest) to diminish rounded shoulders
  3. Learn proper positioning and function of the shoulder blades to improve posture, diminish back pain, and gain strength for carrying children

Second series


  1. Learn how to stabilize the transverse abdominals while moving and carrying objects
  2. Learn how to hold proper functioning of the shoulder blades while holding objects and during pulling movements (e.g. lifting children off the floor or carrying a child during an errand)

Third series


  1. Progress into more advanced core bracing-planks and other movements require core bracing (e.g. child climbs on your back while you are bending down to tie your shoes)
  2. Lift overhead with proper core and shoulder blade position
  3. Lift heavier weights off the ground with proper core and shoulder blade positioning
  4. Reach and pull objects to you with proper core bracing and shoulder blade positioning
  5. Real workouts to help you get in shape at home

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No cancellations-the course is designed to build on each class. You will miss some progressions and material if a session is skipped. Videos of the material will be provided on a private Facebook group.

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