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Our Philosophy

Xcel Performance Fitness Studio

At Xcel Performance, we want what is best for you.
That means…

  • No cookie cutter programs
  • Weight loss plans tailored to your motivation level
  • Corrective programs implemented for any imbalances or injuries you may have
  • Fitness programs that match your fitness level and interests

There are many effective ways to lose weight and be active. But losing weight and being active is not the goal. Our goal for you is what is best for your body over time. That includes…

  • Correcting posture and “trouble spots” that will lead to spinal stress and decreased mobility later in life
  • Resistance training that incorporates a variety of modalities and movements to strengthen all muscles in a full range of motion
  • Cardiovascular exercise that matches the intensity level necessary for spiking the metabolism and maximizing your time in the gym
  • A nutrition plan that teaches you how to maintain your weight loss through good habits-for the rest of your life
  • Supplements from Univera that are designed to slow the degeneration process that occurs with aging and gives your body what it needs for repair
Xcel Performance - Personalized 1 on 1 fitness training
Bloomington Personal Trainer

If you are a part of a program that neglects one of these components, come talk to us. We look at your fitness in a holistic manner.

There are days when you can cheat and eat really tasty food and days where you can do an activity for fun, such as hiking, Zumba, etc. But if you really want results that last into the future, there are scientifically proven methods of eating and exercising that produce the maximum benefit. That is what we plan to do for you!!!

It’s your turn to have results like the hundreds of clients we have serviced over the past 12 years! Join a group of “Xcellent” people who have accomplished the following:

  • Learned to love their new fit lifestyle
  • Entered their 40’s with confidence and a fit body
  • Look forward to the next decade of life knowing that their body is healthy, mobile, and strong
  • Gained mobility and confidence after a discouraging health scare
  • Know that they are the most fit of their peers
  • Lost their baby weight
  • Broke the hold that food had on their emotions and behaviors
  • Let go of the little addictions that kept them from eating well
  • Have energy they never expected to be possible