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Workout Plans

Xcel Performance - home workout

Ever find yourself wandering around the gym wondering what exercise to do next? Or have you been going to the gym faithfully for 6 months and have not seen results? Are you getting bored with the fitness app you downloaded…and aren’t seeing results anyway?

Stop wasting your valuable time and energy!

Let our coaches relieve you of these frustrations. Your time is valuable, so let us show you how to maximize it. Xcel Performance is all about formulating a plan that will work for YOU. A plan that will ensure your workouts are safe, effective, and organized just right to see the results you desire.

Our Comprehensive Program

Our comprehensive program begins with 1 on 1 training to ensure that you are comfortable moving your body, confident knowing how to navigate the gym, and safe to workout without supervision. The workout plan includes detailed workout cards, pictures or videos with descriptions.

This is a great option to consider if you like to workout at home. The workout plan can include whatever equipment you have on hand, and we can make suggestions for equipment purchases as well.

Home Fitness Equipment