It’s summertime! The kids are home from school, and as a parent you may be considering how to expend some of their energy. Kids are in need of physical activity every day-just like you and me. Depending on their age, they may need some guidance, or even a nudge to get up and outdoors to play. To keep it simple, here are 10 ideas you can use for your family (adapted from NASPE-National Association for Sport and Physical Education). Try 5 of these every week to reach the ACSM requirement for 30 minutes of moderate physical activity.

  1. Schedule a regular time throughout the week for your family to do a physical activity together
  2. Start a log of physical activity options that encompasses your family’s needs, preferences, and things that make them feel successful.
  3. Designate certain areas of the home or yard that are ‘Ok’ zones for jumping, running, tumbling, and climbing.
  4. Select fitness-oriented gifts for your family members for special occasions. Keep in mind their skills and likes.
  5. Use physical activity as a reward instead of food. (ex. planning a swimming or camping trip).
  6. Discover what free or low-cost activity areas are close to your home: parks, bike trails, tennis courts, swimming pool.
  7. Visit farms throughout the year where you can berry pick or harvest vegetables to take home.
  8. Set up a family treasure hunt around a park or the neighborhood and have walking, jogging, or biking be the mode of transportation to find each clue.
  9. Organize family tournaments of fun games like hop scotch, dodge ball, tag, or bike race.
  10. On rainy days: wash the car in the rain, build an obstacle course in the garage or basement, or turn on the radio and dance to 3 songs.