Bloomington has now experienced it’s first 30 degree day of 2013-2014 winter! Time to prepare for a change in your fitness routine. Many people are flocking indoors for workouts at the gym or dvd workouts at home. A whole other set of people are digging through the garage to pull out skis, snow boards, and hiking shoes. If you are a lover of outdoor winter sports, check out this event that we will be attending. The Partly Cloudy event shows some great footage of outdoor adventure activities. The trailer is pretty amazing. Watch the trailer here, buy your tickets, and stop by our booth to say hi on November 3rd!

If you are one of these outdoor enthusiasts, keep in mind that proper conditioning will keep you from injury this winter season. With snow sports such as skiing and snow boarding, balance is key. Balance can be developed with proper leg and hip strengthening and an emphasis on core movement training. It’s not too late to start developing those susceptible areas, so give us a call so you can hit the slopes and stay injury free.