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Nov 24 2015

Understanding Education, certification, and classification of fitness professionals

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By: Jeremy Helton A.C.E certified personal trainer ETC Certified functional fitness specialist   There are so many types of fitness programs now and types of personal trainers. This blog will guide you in understanding the differences in order to make an informed choice. Unfortunately, some fitness professionals have no formal education or certifications or they have let their certifications lapse. Ask for proof of ...

Sep 04 2014

Benefits of Learning Self-defense

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Mixed martial arts (MMA) has gained popularity over the past few years. The popularity of this sport has increased the number of men and women participating in mixed martial arts classes. These types of martial arts classes can appear more male-centric; however, knowing how to defend yourself is something a woman would be wise to prioritize. Rather than learning a ...

Jun 16 2014

5 Pitfalls of Group Fitness

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Exercising with others can be cost effective and fun; however, there are some things to consider before deciding if  a group fitness class is for you. Here are 5 tips to make sure you are prepared to make a wise decision about your exercise routine. Know your limits: Group classes are designed for the masses, not specifically for you. If you have ...

Jun 09 2014

5 Benefits of Group Fitness

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How many of you have a friend who can’t stop raving about their group exercise program? It’s more common today to see people walking around town in their workout gear, sporting a t-shirt that advertises a group fitness program. Group fitness is taking over the world of fitness, and there are some good reasons why. Society is trending away from ...

May 21 2014

New Yoga Class

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Join Holy Yoga to journey with others to greater physical and spiritual health. Authentically connect to God through worship and wellness. Our Holy Yoga program is for people of all walks of life. No experience necessary! The class will be a combination of “flow” and “power”, keeping your body in motion and using your body weight for resistance. Regressions and progressions available ...

Mar 28 2014

New Program: Fit Life Club

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NEW! Join the Fit Life Club Begins April 22 High quality personal training Workout with friends: maximum 4 per group Affordable, lower prices: $20 per workout or less Pick your workout time Choose a Membership: 2 x per week/8 per month $160 3 x per week/12 per month $240 Unlimited $360 Choose any group during the week: Mondays: 5:15 ...

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