Don’t have a membership to a gym but still want to shed off some calories? Well you’re in luck! The weather is starting to warm up and there are many activities you can do outside. Here are 5 great ways to enjoy the warm weather while burning off some calories.

Family Hike

1.) Take a 30 minute walk. Walking is a great exercise that is great on your bones and joints. It is a weight bearing exercise which helps strengthen your bones while burning off a few calories (Web MD, Nelson). Also, walking doesn’t involve any equipment beside good tennis shoes. Not only is walking a great exercise, but you can bring along friends or family and enjoy their company.

2.) Take a bike ride. The great thing about biking is that you can do it on the go. If you are on your way to somewhere that is close, biking is a great way to get there. Not only does is help save the earth, but it is an exercise that burns calories fast. Not only does biking eat up calories, but it also helps muscle tone and prevents heart disease by 50% if you bike 20 miles per week (Health Benefits, Travers).

3.) Go for a swim. Swimming is a fun activity that you can also do while getting a good tan! It helps increase your muscle tone and strength without all of the pounding. Swimming is an exercise that your body will love. The amount of pressure put on your bones and joints that usually would take place with running are washed away. With swimming your body becomes happier and healthier.

4.) Take a hike. It’s getting warmer which means the leaves are changing back to the beautiful green they once were. So why not go enjoy a little hike through nature enjoying the scenery and warm weather. Hiking is also a great way to pick your heart rate up and reduce the amount of diseases you could possibly get in the future. It is also a great way to help clear your mind of all the problems going on in your life and just focus on the happy birds singing in the distance.

5.) Push Mow. Push mowing is a great workout that tones muscles and gets your heart rate up, all while getting a tedious chore done. As the temperature start to raise, so does the grass. Instead of pulling out the new green and yellow John Deer tractor with a cushioned seat, bring out the old school push mower. Even though it may take you twice as long to mow the grass, you already got you work out in for the day.