In my previous post, I highlighted the importance having good hip strength to prevent knee discomfort while running. Now I would like to elaborate on how important a good warm-up is to having a great, pain-free run.

Foam roll. The IT band connects down the side of the leg from the hip to the knee. This band can get tight from running and will pull on the knee, causing discomfort. Loosening this band before and after running is a great addition to your warm-up.

Foam roll IT band 1

Use your top leg to take off some resistance if you are really tight

Foam roll IT band 2

Stack your legs and roll for a deeper massage

2. Loosen your hamstrings and hips. Butt kick :30, Squat x 10, Knee hug x 10. Tightness can reduce the range of   motion in your lower body and cause compensations during your run. Taking just 2 minutes to do these warm-ups can make your legs feel lighter and smoother.

3. Loosen your calves. 20 calf raises and 5 ankle circles in each direction. Your ankles are undergoing a lot of work while running. Give them some attentions so they can be at their best!