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Mar 02 2015

Elements of Good Posture

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Posture is something often neglected, but this neglect could be causing you more pain than you realize. When posture goes kaput, then all your joints and muscles are taken out of their natural movement pattern. The result is injury or chronic pain. As you are standing, sitting, moving, exercising-take into account the alignment of your spine. Here is a short ...

Feb 05 2015

Do I Need to Take Supplements?

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This is a very popular question that I hear from most new clients. Right now, you are probably bombarded with advertisements for all types of supplements: energy, weight loss, recovery, nutrients, etc. The answer to this question depends on your goals and your current diet and exercise routine. No matter your goals, here are the 2 best supplements available to you: sleep ...

Jan 15 2015

Create a new you by altering your environment

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Yes, we are products of our environment. Our brains seek routine to make mental processing easier. Without knowing it, our minds are finding short cuts, building habits, and setting up routines based on our environment. This is incredibly useful if you are trying to lose weight this year. Just small changes in what and who is around you can seemingly bring effortless ...

Nov 18 2014

“What Works” Will working on my core muscles give me a flatter stomach?

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Everyone has abs. Some people complain of “not having abs,” but the reality is that your abs are just covered by layers of fat. If you want to flatten your stomach and see abdominal definition, you must reduce the fat layers that are covering those sexy muscles. 4 steps to reduce fat in your stomach area are to reduce sugar intake in your diet, burn ...

Oct 30 2014

“What Works” in fitness and nutrition #1

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If you are anything like me, I assume you are confused about what to believe when it comes to fitness or nutrition. There is so much information about these topics circulating out there, and much of the information is conflicting. This is the reason why I became a fitness professional. As a high schooler and fitness enthusiast, I didn’t know ...

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