This week I had a new client ask me an excellent question: “What is interval training?” Interval training is cardio activity that is done in spurts. Instead of running at a consistent pace for a length of time or distance, the run is broken up into spurts of sprinting alternated with walking or slower running.

Here are some examples:

Stationary Bike: 1:00 Level 4 Pace 60 rpm     then :30 Level 8 Pace 75 rpm

Elliptical: 2:00 Level 7 Speed 6.0    then 2:00 Level 7 Speed 8.0

Running: Sprint from mailbox to mailbox    then walk from mailbox to mailbox

Treadmill: Walk Incline 4 Speed 4 for 5:00    then Incline 8 Speed 3.5 for 5:00    then Medicine Ball Slams for :30

Why is interval training better than steady state cardio?

Interval training increases your heart rate to a more challenging percent of your max during the harder interval phase. This burns calories and keeps your metabolism revving a higher rate after your workout. It also breaks up the monotony of a workout and gives your joints some variation to avoid overuse injuries.

Try an interval workout today!