We are all only given one body. How motivated are you to avoid a stroke, heart attack, or any hospitalization due to a weak and unhealthy heart? Unfortunately, a heart left untended can fail at frighteningly early ages. Take your future, and your health into your own hands starting today.

  1. Exercise moderately 30 minutes every day to keep your heart strong. Moderate exercise means you will feel an increase in your heartbeat, may experience some sweat, but can hold a conversation during the activity.
  2. Eat primarily meat, vegetables, fruits, and nuts and oils high in monounsaturated fats to keep your arteries clear. Avoid refined carbohydrates and saturated fats.
  3. See your doctor yearly to avoid a surprise onset of a heart issue; especially if you have a family history of any heart disorder.
  4. Reduce stress in your life to  protect your heart. Any extra stress reveals itself in your entire body, especially your heart. What areas of stress are prominent in your life: emotional, financial, relational, or work-related?

Remember, you are loved by someone and it’s worth a little extra effort to live longer and healthier for them!