It’s a holiday week. Yay! Most of you are probably looking forward to a day off with good food, family, and friends. As much fun as Thanksgiving can be, I know it can also bring a lot of anxiety towards your health. Here are some basic tips to keep you excited and feeling great about the holiday this week:

Pre-Turkey Day

  1. Fill up on lean protein (eggs, white meat, nuts, beans), fruits and veggies this week until the big day
  2. Drink 65 oz of water every day and try to eliminate 1 other than water beverage each day
  3. Be active 30 minutes every day this week (walk, do a workout circuit at your house, get to the gym, rake leaves, clean your house-vacuum, dust, mop, change bedding)

Thanksgiving Day

  1. Eat breakfast! Make eggs, spinach, peppers, avocado and fruit. If you don’t like eggs, try a meat roll-up: 6 slices deli meat, avocado, and spinach with fruit
    • It is not beneficial to skip morning meals to save up for the big turkey dinner. Keep your metabolism going in high gear all day by starting with breakfast. You will also be less tempted to gorge at the big meal if you have been eating regularly all day.
  2. Exercise! Take a walk or hit the gym before or after your big dinner. Take advantage of family time and play an active game with the kids or walk and talk with a family member.
    • Being active will not only help burn some of the calories you eat, but it enhances your mood, gives you extra energy, and can be a great way to make memories with your family
  3. Fill your plate only 1 time
    • Serve yourself small portions of your favorite dishes and eat only once. The more variety of food available at a meal increases the probability of overeating. Sticking to one plate may still be more than you usually eat, so avoid that second helping.
    • Overeating and sugar, not the turkey itself is what causes fatigue. Limiting your portions and choosing only a small dessert item will help keep your energy going.
  4. If you are trying to lose weight, choose only plain white meat turkey, green beans (or veg) with limited sauce, sweet potatoes with no sugar or marshmallows, and water.