Everyone has abs. Some people complain of “not having abs,” but the reality is that your abs are just covered by layers of fat. If you want to flatten your stomach and see abdominal definition, you must reduce the fat layers that are covering those sexy muscles.

4 steps to reduce fat in your stomach area are to reduce sugar intake in your diet, burn calories through activity, increase muscle tone, and sleep 7-8 hours per night. Sugar is everywhere-salad dressings, condiments, pastas, breads, granola bars, drinks. Start adding a 3 day per week core and cardio strengthening routine into your exercise regimen, and your abs will be ready and waiting for the big reveal!

If you are already a healthy weight and fairly lean, focus on the transverse abdominus to reduce tummy pooch and improve definition. The transverse acts like a corset, and can give the illusion of a smaller waistline and flatter belly when toned.

Here are some of my favorite transverse exercises:

Sprinter plank

Sprinter plank 1

Start in push-up position. Kick one knee under your chest and extend out using your glutes. Alternate legs. 20 kicks.

Sprinter plank 2

Shoulder tap plank

Shoulder tap plank

In push-up position, place your feet wider than hip width for support. Keeping your core from any movement, raise one arm and tap the opposite shoulder. Alternate arms for 20 taps.

Dead bug

Dead Bug

Start with picture A, and advance to B and C once you have mastered the previous one. Start by reaching to the ceiling and pressing your core firmly to the ground. There should be no space between your back and the floor. Hold for 1:00. Try to take breaths without arching your back and relieving the pressure through your core.