Jan 07 2014

How to have a healthy body for running

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A popular trend in the past few years has been couch to 5k. Many “unfit” people have been successfully motivated to begin a fit lifestyle by lacing up their tennis shoes and hitting the road. I applaud these individuals for their enthusiasm and dedication. After the 5k many undertake racing a mini marathon, and for some, a full marathon or ...

Dec 10 2013

Best Exercises to Get into Shape

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Those new to a workout environment may be overwhelmed by the variety of exercises to choose from. A fitness professional knows that not all exercises are created equal. Depending on your fitness level, some can even be dangerous. So where should you start if you are a newbee? Workouts can take place anywhere: gym, living room, outdoors. This workout requires ...

Dec 04 2013

7 Things to Buy for Great Home Fitness

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We humans only do what we want to do. Many of us want to be healthy and fit, but it’s not always convenient. Make your goals fool-proof by supplying everything you need for a great workout at home. Run through a quick routine before or after work, or during breaks between college classes. Call a fitness coach to customize a routine ...

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