Feb 22 2014

5 Things to do before starting a spring exercise program

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Hurray for spring! The weather is finally promising an end to winter. If you are like many human beings that lie dormant in hibernation for the winter, then you will want to consider a few things before busting the doors down and taking on a rigorous exercise program. Consider these 5 the top of your priority list this week as ...

Jan 07 2014

How to have a healthy body for running

2021-06-11T18:33:15-04:00Exercise, Outdoor, What Works Blog|

A popular trend in the past few years has been couch to 5k. Many “unfit” people have been successfully motivated to begin a fit lifestyle by lacing up their tennis shoes and hitting the road. I applaud these individuals for their enthusiasm and dedication. After the 5k many undertake racing a mini marathon, and for some, a full marathon or ...

Dec 10 2013

Best Exercises to Get into Shape

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Those new to a workout environment may be overwhelmed by the variety of exercises to choose from. A fitness professional knows that not all exercises are created equal. Depending on your fitness level, some can even be dangerous. So where should you start if you are a newbee? Workouts can take place anywhere: gym, living room, outdoors. This workout requires ...

Dec 04 2013

7 Things to Buy for Great Home Fitness

2021-06-11T18:33:15-04:00Exercise, Gym, What Works Blog|

We humans only do what we want to do. Many of us want to be healthy and fit, but it’s not always convenient. Make your goals fool-proof by supplying everything you need for a great workout at home. Run through a quick routine before or after work, or during breaks between college classes. Call a fitness coach to customize a routine ...

Nov 15 2013

Fitness doesn’t have to be hard. Read these 6 tips.

2021-06-11T18:33:15-04:00Exercise, Nutrition and Weight Loss, What Works Blog|

Keep it simple. Overcomplicating your goals and your plan can keep you stagnant! Start choosing fitness as your lifestyle today with these 6 tips: Get up 10 minutes earlier….And eat breakfast!! Plan something simple, like and egg microwaved for 1 minute and a slice of whole grain toast. Take breaks at work. You already do this, but what you do ...

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