Keep it simple. Overcomplicating your goals and your plan can keep you stagnant! Start choosing fitness as your lifestyle today with these 6 tips:

  1. Get up 10 minutes earlier….And eat breakfast!! Plan something simple, like and egg microwaved for 1 minute and a slice of whole grain toast.
  2. Take breaks at work. You already do this, but what you do during this time can increase your fitness. Walk to the bathroom and back, twice. Find a flight of stairs and climb it twice. Walk the circumference of your office twice.
  3. Pack your lunch. Anything you bring to work is going to slash calories verses eating out.
  4. Eat your dinner at the table. This allows you to focus on your food and enjoy it more. Eating away from the TV slashes the amount of calories consumed.
  5. Set a bedtime for each night. Consistent sleep makes you feel better and leads to better decision making. Adequate sleep also dampers the amount of cortisol released in your body and helps you fight cravings for junkie food.
  6. Repeat this plan every day. Consistency is good for your body, and that is what it takes to make fitness a lifestyle. Say no to fads! Adopt these good choices for every day.