Those new to a workout environment may be overwhelmed by the variety of exercises to choose from. A fitness professional knows that not all exercises are created equal. Depending on your fitness level, some can even be dangerous. So where should you start if you are a newbee?

Workouts can take place anywhere: gym, living room, outdoors. This workout requires limited equipment for simplicity, safety, and convenience. Choose a space that is available and do these exercises 3 x per week with a day rest in between each workout.

1.) Plank


Brace on your forearms, keeping core straight and tight. Hold for :30-:60

2.) Squat

Squat 1Squat 2

Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder width and feet firm on the ground. Squat down without leaning forward or lifting heels from the ground.
x 20

3.) Push-up

Push-up 1

Start with hands slightly wider than shoulders. Lower to the ground keeping core rigid.

Push-up 2

Push forcefully back to the start position when your chest reaches the ground. x 20 Perform on your knees if too difficult.

4.) Bent Over Row

Bent Over Row 1

Use a band as shown or a back pack loaded with books or water bottles for weight.

Bent Over Row 2

Pull back pack or band to your body, keeping your back flat. x 20

5.) Spiderman

Spiderman 1

Place foot back in push-up position and switch quickly to the other side.

Spiderman 2

Step out wide by your hand and pause with foot on the ground. x 10 each

6.) Hip Extension

Hip Extension 1

Place feet on floor or a step

Hip Extension 2

Extended hips using glutes and hamstrings. x 15 each

Repeat entire circuit 2 more times.