Nov 11 2014

“What Works” How do I get my abs back after pregnancy?

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Pregnancy is a season, and it is entirely possible to return to a semblance of your pre-pregnancy body afterwards. It’s important to work on the fitness and conditioning of your body after a pregnancy, and especially if you plan to have another baby in the future. Your fitness level before becoming pregnant may determine how well your body “bounces back” ...

Nov 06 2014

“What Works” #3: Why is interval training so good?

2021-06-11T18:33:14-04:00Exercise, Gym, Healthy Life, What Works Blog|

This week I had a new client ask me an excellent question: “What is interval training?” Interval training is cardio activity that is done in spurts. Instead of running at a consistent pace for a length of time or distance, the run is broken up into spurts of sprinting alternated with walking or slower running. Here are some examples: Stationary ...

Oct 30 2014

“What Works” in fitness and nutrition #1

2021-06-11T18:33:14-04:00Gym, Healthy Life, What Works Blog|

If you are anything like me, I assume you are confused about what to believe when it comes to fitness or nutrition. There is so much information about these topics circulating out there, and much of the information is conflicting. This is the reason why I became a fitness professional. As a high schooler and fitness enthusiast, I didn’t know ...

Sep 04 2014

Benefits of Learning Self-defense

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Mixed martial arts (MMA) has gained popularity over the past few years. The popularity of this sport has increased the number of men and women participating in mixed martial arts classes. These types of martial arts classes can appear more male-centric; however, knowing how to defend yourself is something a woman would be wise to prioritize. Rather than learning a ...

Jul 01 2014

5 Useful Pieces of Group Fitness Equipment

2021-06-11T18:33:14-04:00Exercise, Fitness Classes, Gym, What Works Blog|

Group Fitness: it’s fun, it’s social, it’s loud, and it’s diverse. Group classes can very in theme, style, and equipment use. There are all types of exercise equipment on the market. Some can be utilized for great results, and others are probably not worth your hard-earned money. Here are some of my favorites. They work great used in a circuit ...

Jun 16 2014

5 Pitfalls of Group Fitness

2021-06-11T18:33:14-04:00Exercise, Fitness Classes, Gym, What Works Blog|

Exercising with others can be cost effective and fun; however, there are some things to consider before deciding if  a group fitness class is for you. Here are 5 tips to make sure you are prepared to make a wise decision about your exercise routine. Know your limits: Group classes are designed for the masses, not specifically for you. If you have ...

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