The best intentions for developing a healthy and fit body can fall by the wayside very easily. Coming up short of your goal is most likely the result of not having a concrete plan to follow. But what plan is the best to follow? This is one of the toughest questions, and one of the reasons that Xcel Performance exists. We are going to do the work for you-the research and the planning-so that all you have to do is enjoy the results!

So what type of a plan will enable you to develop  more energy and a lean, healthy body? Here are some suggestions when formulating a plan for how to get into shape:

  1. Assess your current fitness level. Are you completely sedentary, do you walk occasionally, do you hit the gym sometimes, are you a home exerciser with dvd’s? If you are starting from very little activity, you will need to set small goals and gradually increase the activity that you add into your lifestyle. If you are fairly active now, but not in great shape, then you can set goals and move a little faster, pushing yourself harder towards the next one. Try this fitness test at home.
  2. Select the days that you can set aside 30 minutes for activity. Most Americans lead fast-paced, busy lives, but it is possible to schedule in time for exercise. If you are a beginner, find 2 days a week that you can move for 30 minutes. If you are intermediate, find 3-4 days, and 5-6 days for advanced.
  3. Start your exercise days with a plan for resistance training or cardio. “Fail to plan, plan to fail.” Avoid wasting time by having your workout mapped out beforehand. A combination of resistance training and cardio activity will produce the best results if you are looking to reveal sexy muscle or shed a few pounds.
  4. Assess your current nutrition awareness. Keep a journal for 1 week detailing what you eat.
  5. Start small and eliminate those foods that are not whole foods, one by one. Try starting with beverages. Drink water during the day, and enjoy one beverage of your choice at night. Gradually reduce the number of days that you have your evening drink. Then take a look at junkier foods that you can eliminate or substitute for healthier ones.

At Xcel Performance, we don’t want to see you walk this journey alone. Any lingering questions about how to reveal a slimmer, healthier shape can be answered by a fitness coach.