Spring is just around the corner. Time to drop extra pounds, and fast! However, the best way to lose weight is slow and steady…that is…if you want to keep it off. I know that the Biggest Loser and all the new products lining store shelves are promising fast weight loss. If your goal is dropping 5 pounds before spring break, then great – a little extra exercise and taking something to boost your calorie burn will do the trick. Don’t be fooled though, those results won’t last. Maybe you are interested in losing that muffin top or “man pregnant belly” for good. Next year you don’t have to go on a crash diet to fit into your summer clothes. Here is the best way to lose weight, and keep it off!! (compliments of Mindless Eating)

1.) Eat in a way that doesn’t make you feel deprived: Slightly lower your serving size by 50 calories per meal. Eating off a smaller plate will give the illusion of eating more, but will save you calories. Save 140 calories per day = about 14 lb per year

2.) Find something that you can negotiate: I will allow myself a coke at lunch, but will not go back for a refill. I will allow myself dessert with my friends tonight, but only if I do 15 minutes extra cardio at the gym today. I will allow myself 2 hrs. of TV time, but only after taking a walk for 30 minutes.

3.) Trick instead of treat: There are little ways to halt mindless eating, saving many calories per day that add up to weight gain. To consume less without even knowing it, try these:

  • Drink out of a tall, slender glass
  • Eat on a salad plate
  • Serve yourself and then put all food away before beginning to eat
  • Repackage bulk items in smaller containers-serving size baggies of crackers, nuts, cereal, etc.

4.) Start making small strides-literally: You have heard this one before – take the stairs, park farther away, ride your bike to the store, walk your dog every day. The trick is adding movement that doesn’t feel like an intrusion into your day. Where can you start taking more steps in your day? How can you make it pleasurable?

Losing weight is a great accomplishment. Make it a lasting one! Contact a personal trainer for more specialized guidance for your weight loss goals.