We are hosting a GROUP nutrition seminar!

Come to Xcel Performance at 1:30 p.m. September 7th to get your very own Fit Lifestyles Nutrition Plan. You will save $20 by participating on the 7th! Current plan members can receive new materials and attend for only $10!

Xcel Performance believes in making fitness a lifestyle. A fit lifestyle will never be complete without taking a look at nutrition. Our nutrition plan provides the guidance you need to break bad habits and develop good ones. By following the Fit Lifestyles Nutrition Plan, you will not only reach your weight loss goals, but maintain and thrive.

The Fit Lifestyles Nutrition Plan includes:

  • Weight loss plan (if desired)
  • Meal schedule guiding you when to eat
  • Portion charts to help you know how much to eat
  • Guidelines of what types of foods to eat at each meal
  • The “Fit Foods” list so you can customize your own meal
  • Meal prep tips so you save time and cook less
  • Grocery shopping lists
  • Recipes
  • Extra tips on making healthy eating a lifestyle