I came across some helpful information today that I would like to pass on. This article from Fitness Magazine summarizes the basics of metabolic function. You will learn what causes our bodies to burn calories, and what creates the slow-down of our metabolisms with age. Read on if you want to be informed about how you can best burn calories and stay at a healthy weight as you age.

Keep in mind that “fitness” is the most desired body fat category (20-25% women, 10-15% men). The author of this article labels a “healthy” body fat at 32% and is unclear if this is just for women or also for men.  If you have a fit body fat percentage, you not only look toned and slender, but your body is relieved of extra stress coming from an extra 10-15 lb of fat. A 32% body fat is labeled as overweight on some charts.

Check out this calculator website to determine your stats:

a healthy weight
how many calories to eat each day for weight loss or maintenance
a healthy BMI and body fat