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Mar 122018

Cardio the Calorie Killer

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By: Bryan Ball   As the air begins to warm and clouds part for sunshine a certain type of people emerges. The spring time runners can be seen on every sidewalk, trail, and paved walkway for miles around. This is no odd phenomenon nor the migration of a new species but rather people trying to “get in” or “get back ...

Mar 012018

Taking the “Die” Out of “Diet”

Categories: Healthy Life, Healthy Mind, Nutrition and Weight Loss, What Works Blog|

By: Bryan Ball   I think if we took a census on how many times we use the word “diet” in a negative context, it would outshine most of our generation’s favorite swear words. When people talk of diets, they are usually focusing on the restrictions. Some examples of diets include Paleo. Ketogenic, Vegan, Vegetarian (including the various sub-species of ...

Jan 252018

Welcome Bryan Ball, NASM certified personal trainer

Categories: Mixed Martial Arts, News, What Works Blog|

We are excited to announce that Bryan Ball will be joining our staff this January as a NASM certified fitness coach. Bryan has a background in rock climbing, boxing, and fitness. Here is a little bit from Bryan: “I am a self-made individual looking forward to helping you become the best YOU possible. I’m extremely passionate about finding new ...

Apr 302017

Seeking Part-time Personal Trainer

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We are in need of an experienced personal trainer/fitness coach who would be available for 10-15 hours per week. The hours would fall on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday mornings and Wednesday and Friday evenings. Preferred 3 years experience or more. Able to work with all fitness levels. Must have up to date certifications and insurance. We are looking for someone reliable, personable, and ...

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