Fit Life Club

Join the Fit Life


  • High quality supervised training
  • Workout with friends: maximum 4 per group
  • Affordable, lower prices
  • Pick your workout time       


Fit Life is great for someone who…
  • wants daily accountability
  • is social by nature
  • wants to improve strength or muscle tone
  • wants to attain a lean physique and improve cardio
  • wants to maintain results from personal training
  • has none or minimal limitations


4-16 sessions per month:                      $22 ea.

Drop in:                                                       $27 ea.

Step 2: Choose any group during the week:

Mondays:    5:30-6:15  PM- Upper and Cardio

Tuesdays:    6:00-6:45 PM- Lower and Core

Thursdays:  5:45-6:30 PM- Total Body

Fridays:       5:00-5:45 PM- Cardio


Groups will rotate to focus on: Leg Muscle Groups & Core; Upper Body Muscle Groups and Cardio; Full Body Circuit

*Aim to hit 1 of each for a balanced program
*Appointments are first come first serve till the 4 slots are filled.


We are doing virtual coaching Monday-Friday at 5:00 pm. Visit to sign up





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