Dec 05 2018

Keeping Your Eyes on the Prize: The Importance of Having Long-term & Short-term Goals


By: Bryan Ball   Growing up I had to wake up at 5:30 am for an hour commute to school. During that time the only thing on TV was infomercials for everything from the world’s sharpest zucchini slicer to “P90X”. The famous at home fitness program flashed across my screen as Tony Horton jumped around screaming positive phrases to everyone. ...

Oct 17 2018

Work Out Buddies, Fit Classes, or Flying Solo?


By: Bryan Ball   As a fitness enthusiast, personal trainer, and fitness instructor I have had the pleasure to experience a morning of solitude in the weight room share in the new record for a friend and have helped shaped the course of many people’s fitness journeys. When you have all those experiences you start to see the benefits and ...

Sep 14 2018

Calories: When you should be eating more, and when to eat less


By: Bryan Ball   Unlike Game of Thrones where it seems you are born a giant monster of muscle like The Mountain (yes that’s his name) or petit as a princess, we can now control the factors that make up our body composition. From our physical activity, to what food we eat, or even chemical balances when looking at supplementation, ...

Sep 03 2018

Yoga or Stretching? Why Not Both?


By: Bryan Ball It’s fair to say that everyone in the 21st century is more inflexible than we have ever been. From sitting too long during the day, leaning over on a computer or cell phone (which I still am guilty of at times), or have not been active in mobility/flexibility work. Whether you are an athlete, weekend warrior, or ...

Aug 13 2018

Why You Should Work Your “Core” Not Your “Abs”


By: Bryan Ball   Before we even get started, if I asked you right now, “Where is the core of your body?” could you point it out? Some people might point at their belly or say their torso but it is actually the span from the intersection of the abdominal muscles and chest (usually around the nipple line) down to the ...

May 25 2018

Summer is Here! Healthy Habits to start in Summer


By: Bryan Ball   Some of you are probably feeling the change in weather and are already making plans to soak in some sun, explore the world, and take in summer’s many pleasures. For many, it is the perfect time to work on that beach body right during the season itself. Whether you are a long-time fitness enthusiast or starting ...

Apr 30 2018

5 Tips for Meal Prep


By: Bryan Ball   When people hear the phrase “meal prep” they think of plain chicken, broccoli, and brown rice, the Arnold Schwarzenegger foundation of nutrition. While these items can be put into meal preps that doesn’t mean that bland food is all you have to eat. Whether you cook it yourself or have your own chef, meal preps make ...

Mar 12 2018

Cardio the Calorie Killer


By: Bryan Ball   As the air begins to warm and clouds part for sunshine a certain type of people emerges. The spring time runners can be seen on every sidewalk, trail, and paved walkway for miles around. This is no odd phenomenon nor the migration of a new species but rather people trying to “get in” or “get back ...

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