You hear people talk about the difference someone has made in their life; I would like to share the tremendous difference Julie has made in mine. I have osteoarthritis in my knees and require total joint replacement in both. Since January 2010 I have been working very hard to reach a specific weight loss goal, so I could schedule my first knee surgery. Although I had been dieting and working-out all along, it wasn’t until I started working with Julie that my weight started to drop rapidly. Not only was I able to reach the goal I had set for myself, but was able to pass it and on January 31, 2011 I had my right knee replaced. The benefits of working out with Julie the few months prior to my surgery came into play in the following days when I had to use upper body strength to get in/out of bed and use a walker.

Julie showed me the correct way to use the exercise equipment and how to receive the maximum benefit from each work-out. She motivates me to increase my work-out intensity more and more with every passing week. She keeps my work-outs varied and designed with the limitations of my knees in mind. I would and have highly recommend Julie to anyone looking for a personal trainer. My life has changed so much from the guidance and lessons I have learned from this wonderful person and I feel so very blessed. Let her make a difference in your life, you will be so happy you did.