Frequently Asked Q’s

We are so excited that you are ready to pursue a lifestyle of fitness and greater health. To make the transition a little less unknown and daunting, here are some answers to questions frequently asked by our newest clients:

1) Q:  What will we do in the workout?
A: We believe in a holistic approach to fitness. This includes self massage (using foam rollers), resistance training (with a variety of modalities), cardiovascular fitness, and flexibility. You will do a little of each in your workout sessions; however, sessions are customized to your needs. Depending on your goals, there may be more of one component and  less of another.

2) Q: Will I be sore from every workout?
A: Expect soreness for the first 2 weeks. Your body is adjusting and you are doing a lot of new movements. As your body adjusts to moving, soreness will diminish. Always expect soreness with new changes to a workout. Soreness should last for about 2 days, but diminish after that.

3) Q: If I am really sore and stiff, should I skip my next workout?
A: With soreness and stiffness, the best remedy is movement. Never just sit still and rest when your body is sore. It’s important to get moving again to get oxygenated, nutrient rich blood to your repairing muscles. Our clients feel so much better after dynamic flexibility drills as part of their workout.

4) Q: Why do I feel great during some workouts and other times they feel so difficult?
A: There can be multiple culprits that make a workout feel harder. Lack of sleep, dehydration, poor diet, stress are a few that can make your workout feel like a drag. Also, any new workout may feel more difficult than one you have been used to.

5) Q: Am I too out of shape to work with a professional fitness coach?
A: No! That is why we do what we do. Every person starts with us at a different fitness level. We design workouts to match your current abilities, and then we progress from there. If you are completely sedentary and brand new to exercise, we may recommend 30 minute sessions and your progressions will be in smaller increments. If you are fairly advanced, we start with more advanced workouts and progress you faster.

6) Q: What results does your average client get from working out with you?
A: Most of our clients have about 20-50 lbs to lose. These results are usually accomplished within the first 2-6 months. Some of our clients are with us to work on improving a weakness or muscular imbalance. You can expect to see improvement within 2 weeks of a regular routine. Results are based largely on your motivation level and how diligent you are to stick with recommendations when you are not at our studio.

7) Q: What workout regime do most of your clients follow?
A: Most of our clients purchase monthly packages for 2, 60 minute sessions each week. In these 2 sessions, we focus primarily on resistance training and dynamic cardio. On the off days, our clients will do 2 days of cardio or hit the gym for an additional strength workout.

8) Q: How long should I continue to come to you for guidance for my workouts?
A: If you find us useful, then continue to use us indefinitely! Most of our clients are long-term. They will continue a workout routine at Xcel for more than 1 year, even after achieving the results that they want. Maintenance is just as important as the initial work you put in to achieve a goal. We have designed our services to “wean” you off of us if necessary. After personal training, attending a group program is more affordable and fun. Then we can personalize a workout plan for you to take to your own gym, to work independently of our studio.

9) Q: Can I just workout and lose weight and see the results that I want?
A: The majority of people cannot achieve results from exercise alone. Nutrition really is 80% of the equation. Adding activity to your lifestyle will have its own benefits and will definitely accelerate weight loss. For real change to happen in your body, something needs to change about what is going into your body. We encourage you to let us discuss our Fit Lifestyles Nutrition Plan with you.

10) Q: When should I pay you?
A: Sessions are always prepaid. You may purchase sessions online through Paypal or bring check or cash to your initial consultation. Your first 30 minute consultation is always free!

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